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The Art way of creating the connection in between art collectors, art lovers, and art enthusiasts… as you discover contemporary artists and their artwork enhanced by the modern universe of Galart’xy, let yourself take a promenade, inside the unique artistic and virtual reality experience.
Your contemporary and modern art gallery, Galart’xy, wants to introduce you to our artists and their work of contemporary art within a total transparency.
Your interest and approach, would enable you to be in the closest contact cbd flower near me, by phone call, or email with our virtual contemporary art gallery Galart’xy, through its unique visit. You have the choice to contact us, by sending a email, through the contact form, or by making a phone call.
You have the choice to contact us, by sending an email, through the contact form, or by making a phone call.
Throughout your visit, within Galart’xy the virtual contemporary art gallery, you will be invited to discover the history and artistic evolution of the artists and their contemporary art work.
During your visit, you will discover the way of thinking and the styles, in the authentic manner for each artist.

The information provided :

The Contemporary Artist, offers you an intimate portrait visit modernpropertysolutions, into their work of art.

Artist information

  • A brief presentation video with their agreement
  • Trough an interview, the artists present themselves :
    • Portrait of life
    • Their anecdoctes
    • Their Universe
    • Their projects
    • Their values
    • Their creation, and work of art

We will respect the artist who requires his privacy, you will discover themself throughout their art works; described in a discret and intimate interview.

Information about the artwork

  • Its origin
  • Its design
  • Its history
  • Its anecdotes

Certificate of authenticity that certifies :

  • The ID of the artwork
  • The authenticity
  • The date of creation
  • The artist signature
  • The name of the artwork
  • The know how
  • The size, dimensions

Informations about the Contemporary Virtual Art Gallery

  • Presentation video
  • History of the conception of the gallery
  • Its creation, its identity

Payment Information

You must call or contact by mail the gallery, or take an appointment.
Payment through bank transfer.

Transportation information

The prices do not include transportation :

  • Transportation possibilities can be proposed by the gallery, but remain entirely (as well as taxes) to be paid by the buyer; or
  • Or transportation is chosen by the buyer, but remain to be payed (as well as taxes) by the buyer.

Virtual reality

Galart’xy spreads its virtual wings, thanks to advanced and high value technologies, in order to recreate the fantastic contemporary art universe and the intimate provocation, prompted by the creator : The Contemporay ARTIST.