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Artist, familial and visionary entity.

From the dawn of time, born in an artistic universe, time and experience have offered me a creative personality and an infinite vision according to the future.
Art is a familial heritage and the story of Galart’xy naturaly leads towards the contemporary world of the art of today and tomorrow.
My intention for this modern and futuristic « contemporary art gallery » is to introduce the artist and their contemporary art to the enthusiast art collector, art lover, art investor and every person whose emotion leads them naturally into the world of the artist.
I am willing to recreate the human approach in its Virtual reality art gallery, to promote the exange approached by the vitual, the artist, its contemporary art creation and the ultimate encounter.
Fulfilled with emotion, I like to share authencity, art of living and ART, in its values in itself.
Having travelled all over the world I have been given the opportunity to discover the wide range of facets the universe presents such as human and cultural, enhanced by the infinity of human art work and diverstiy, that offer the most beautiful way to approach the world.
To give contemporary Art an interactive approach, full of the wide variety : Urban Art, Street Art, Conceptual Art, Graffiti Art, Figurative Art, Pop Art, Digital Art, Free Expression, Contemporary Art, art in all its forms, trends, movements, of thougths, complexity, forward thinking and futurist art work.
Any artist movements that lead to the artist and the art work message that they generate all over our contemporary and futuristic world.
My wish is to pass on this message offered by the artist and his creation. The viewer is making his voyage, and meet himself accompanied by the emotion that will suround himself.
I would like to invite you for a virtual walk; to discover, feel, let yourself be moved into sensations, and have the memorable encounter of Galart’xy, the Universe art Gallery and the artists.


Claire Lorentz
Galart’xy CIO and Founder


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