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The artist
Yohan Chiche


Born in Paris in 1990, Yohan Chiche is inspired by abstract painting since its youth.
As a young man he often accompanied his Mom artist, colors and smells develop his whole will to try out painting.

His style remaining very academic, he tries over and over again and continues trying, and finally finds his own style inspired by the sea.

At 20, he had the fisrt show in Bois Colombes, followed by Paris ART GALLERY, then obtains the young price, for the most talented young artist a few month later, artistics exhibit in 2010 , in Vienna, Arthies.

From then on, it would be the discovery of a new abstract world, the necessity to use all kind of medias, unables him to find at last his own style by strong strokes and bright colours.
Since then non stop, he can’t stop painting the great blue ocean that fascinated him.

He paints mostly at night where his work is based on profond imagination that guides him towards strong massive waves that tempts us to dash off navigating through the powerfull winds.

Without trying to identify to a certain style, you may say that his sensibility is a mixture between figurative and abstract.

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