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The artist
Laurent Galliot


French artist Born in Concarneau, travelling beetwen New York and Britany, discovers entirely New York, carry by the over whelming sparrow of the city, in which inspiration pops out, to be transmitted to magnify our view, to the profondness of his heart.

We are astonished by his portraits, concerning icones of the movies as well as fabulous meeting of extraordinary people, where colour and black and white form a melting pot. As his portraits offer the splender of this poetry makes to the expression of his artwork.

If you met yourself , what would be your reaction ?
« I believe I am a selfmade man, extremaly humble, that’s respects intensly other artists. »

Do have any fun story to tell us about ?
« I started to paint 35 years ago, I was a school coach supervisor, and I painted a fresco of New York, and sometimes after, someone contacted me that remember this painting. My work left a trace 30 years later, I still remember… »
« Long ago when I painted a fresco at the fish market in Concarneau, big white sheet with question marks covered it, I was contacted by FR3 local TV, they suggested to make sketches for a french tv movie. The serie was called Marie Lester and I was proud to visualize my sketches while watching the movie. »
« I was happy to achieve posters on the request of the French Karate Federation during a year. »

Does inspiration move you ?
« When I started out a canvas it’s already acheived in my mind. »

We are in a novel, tell us a story ?
« When I paint New York, it’s like a featuring, there is always a story line, as a FEDEX truck in my New York paintings, when people would see my litlle fedex truck, it fitures my identity, and people identify me better and unables me to be quite different from other artists. »

What would you like others to say as seeing your paintings in the future century ?
« I would like others to feel the deepness and the profond soul in my art, considaring my portraits I would like them to have a certain personality, and considaring women and beauty, sensuality.
I don’t like flat strokes, I prefered to use felt pens, large black strokes to make it vibrate. »
« People tell me they feel like the part of the canvas, talking about my New York canvases. »

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5ème av
Avenue des Amériques
Times square
Épaule tatoo
Femme au chignon
Girl power
New York by night

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