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The artist
Karen Joubert Cordier


Karen is a franco american artist since 40 years, she guides us to the colorful world, her inspiration through out her dual diagnosistravelling explosed through her art.
A whole universe of Pop Art Cartoons and luxurious jungle, as Alice in Wonderland, animals and vegetals pop out of her work; ready to roar in front of our wide open eyes. The cartoons heros pop out of the canvas transmitting a message, as an exclamation mark pointing out the reality of her dream juegos porno.
The message is transmitted, it is now up to you to accompany the words and the pictures through out her dream world
The message pops out the ocean, from imaginary animals, as much as through the oceans as though the giant green garden, the super heroes express themselves with strength and a sense of humor.
The message is transmitted, positivity takes place and the viewer’s eyes illuminate through his strong emotions.


Franco American born in 1954. Karen is present in the artistic world since 1986.
After studies at the Accademy Charpentier and Montparnasse Paris, she is discovered by the great art dealer named Daniel Cordier, who became her father in law and her master in art for 25 years. He guided her right away towards achieving paintings representing, imaginary jungle with the deepness, where sky and water disappears through the leaves, which means accumulation หนังโป๊ and vegetal profusion. Her first show in Paris at the Gallery Beaubourg was a great success, followed by the presentation of three major pieces surrounded by the most famous artists in the collection of the donation of Daniel Cordier at カジノ
Today you can find Karen in the references of the Center Georges Pompidou, as well as the MAMAC, the museum of modern art Nice, and les Abattoirs de Toulouse. Karen had shown her art mostly in Asia, France, England and through her private art collectors in the USA.


«As if today, I accept very few shows as times flies, in that time is concentrated to my work, people who hear or are interested in my work contact me, as my speciality is to achieve special tailor made paintings and all kinds of subjects such as the history of famous hotel, Notary Lawyer officers, the same as discotheque in Tokyo, the historical success of the growth of well known companies, personal assigments for wedding gifts, birthdays, where the clients chose the subjects, the colors and can become the super hero of their own paintings through Karen creations.»

If you met yourself what would you think ?
« So many things in common, I am sure we are going to get along very well
Finally color, as crazy as I am. A crush on each other, emotions before reflection, we could move on to Disneyland toguether. »

You probably have stories to talk about ?
« Stuck in the elevator with my Mom in Paris at the famous hotel Meurice, I was terrorized by a mustached man with a red cape called Dali. »
« On the big Liner SS France sitting across Alfred Hitchcock, impressed me so…  »
« In Costa Rica, with the assigment of good client I had to reproduce a big fresco, in their personnal house represanting, all the animals living in Costa Rica. We where alone with only the gardian and the few monkeys howling, in a few hours later i realised a black bat had been watching me, just right over my head, I then put her in my painting »

« I was invited to Japan by the largest discotheque in Tokyo called ALIFE, introduced by a good friend a well known rock star artist, called Mark SAKAI (Panther), the owners of ALIFE asked me paint five panels, all about famous people, french and japanese cook, and many other subjects, the paintings were reproduced and inflated on a twenty meter wall facade, as well as inside the discotheque, as well as on hanbags, sport bags and perfume we sign the contract. »

How would you describe your constant state of mind ?
« When you want it, you can get it. What count is to always feel concerned about others and the environment. What you want others to do to you, you must do to them.
Always inpired by what’s going on in the world, extremely mooved by the state of the planet, how humans treat animals, and how humans treat other humans. Always transmit positivity through color and humour. »

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