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The artist
Julien Sanine


Multi talented artist, Julien guides you as much street art photography as through music…

The discover follows him through out his sudden urban discoveries, sharing the moment emotion with unknown hero.

You shall discover many things such as texture, flying moments, portraits, flashers everyday’s life, postures, looks and most of all trips and travel.

The city talks to us, and most of all these pictures transmit, the deep city sounds, his architectural strength, through his urban discoveries.

Julien makes us travel and invites the viewer to accompany him.

Shades and lights transport you the powerful contrast, and through the beauty of light and darkness, shadows on the walls.

Julien presents himself

« Now 34, since 3 years I have been a photographer, as passionated since always.

I love photography in general weither scenary, portraits, macro or astro photography or other such as argentic as numeric, what a pleasure each time I press the button.

But my first passion happens to be street art photography, as well fun and difficult as the same time as calm and dynamic.

Taking a picture of a scene that will never happen again including instagrating all the picture composants composition, light, subjects, color, shade, shadow, etc… to sublime the scene though basic and could be uninteresting for layman.

Dare to take pictures of the unknown humans or places, that pop up out in front you, even if you don’t know their first reaction it might become difficult even impossible for certain photographers. »

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His video


Ombres et lumières de rue
Passagers urbains
Arrêt sur envol
Captures intemporelles
Couleurs de rue
Passagers incognitos
Portraits fugaces
Texture urbaine

Virtual reality

Galart’xy spreads its virtual wings, thanks to advanced and high value technologies, in order to recreate the fantastic contemporary art universe and the intimate provocation, prompted by the creator : The Contemporay ARTIST.