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The artist
Jacques Bayle


Portrait description through a good friend

« A french niçois artist living in Saint Paul de Vence since 30 years, shows after having tried out differents technics, now presents a series of modern emphasing transparency.
The colors he uses can be strong or mild but always in harmony. He uses pigments, metal powders, all kinds of different materials, covered by tranparence resine, that’s takes you through out of space… in imaginary world.
He shares with us his poetic optic full of emotions, inviting us to enter an original imaginary world filled with the unexpected and surprising happenings for eternel pleasure… »

If you met yourself, what would you think ?
« That I am constantly escaping amongst the stars and the moon… »

How would you describe your work ?
« While playing around with different medias i discovered resine, my work could be interprated as a decorative style of art… »

As well today as tomorrow what would you like to express through your art ?
« As for today resine brings me total satisfaction as the brightness and the deepness of its colors. As for future i hope to test different technics and medias as a permanent research for innovation. »

How long does it take you to end a piece of art ?
« It depends, two or three months… »

What result brings you these achievements ?
« The themes are always the same : colors, though i was sometimes attracted by black and white. Each one discovers what he wants to see. »
« I also will have a series of hearts in which a figurative approach by painting boats in my heart… »

How would you describe yourself in your art ?
« My art describes what i am, as i learn from scratch… »
« some of my paintings for exemple the one with the pink lips simplified in an abstract concept due to a portrait that I encounted was my source of inspiration, as in a background colors of a persian carpet… »

What’s your message for the viewer ?
« By looking at it more and more, he feels as much warmth and happiness as the first times he saw it… »

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