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The artist
Gloria Vinci


Painter as well as designer, Gloria Vinci, a bresilian mother and a anglo italien father, having an international training in art an international experience of art around the world. Starting out at the age of 10 in Rio De Janeiro, received her first award as a artist at the age of 14. Then continue exhibiting. At the age of 20 she moves to Paris, studying at the Ecole du Louvre and works at Artcurial Gallery. Between 2002 et 2003, lives and works in Venice. Participate to several shows in Rio, Sao Paulo, Las Vegas, Dubaï, Paris and Shanghai. In 2013 moves to Bordeaux

The artist surprises us through figuration, the themes and compositions, making us travel through onirism, and warm continents.

Start out with a story.
« My encounter with the famous bresilian painter Cicero Dias naturalized french, at his place in Paris, he was part of the Montparnasse Painters.
He arrived in France in 1937, where he becomes friend with the artist of the Ecole de Paris, essentially Pablo Picasso. Picasso offers him a painting for his wedding with the french lady Raymonde, at time in the forties Diaz would not afford bying an remediation appartment to live with his wife so he has to sale Picasso’ s Painting and buy an appartment in the chic quarter of Paris called the sixteenth.
Morality : If he had bought the appartment a few years later, he would have had the whole building in this beautifull quarter of Paris. »

On which size of painting do you work on ?
« It depends of circonstances. »

Do you work only when you are inspired ?
« Yes I work everyday inspired by my surroundings, my friends, the people, my environments, colors of the sky and nature and the towns that I live in, it’s a permanent and constant research exercise for me. »

Do you observe yourself working ?
« Before starting the piece of art I imagine it already finished, from time to time a small sketch on a piece of paper, to have a better vision of the project, I begin to work on my canvas. »

Intuitive painting or strong emotions ?
« As I told you before, considaring my inspiration, it’s an imaginary painting in my brain, when I transpose it on the canvas, it’s already finalized, no room for mistakes… »

Pictural strength… feelings ?
« I defined my pictural strength by innate talent, due to experience. »

What are the passionate moments of your life ?
« Since I have been a child I used to visit the artists studios, starting by my grandmother, Florentine, who used to take me out painting with her in the italian country side, then by the training in the different artists studios help me create my own style. »

What are your future projects, and your dreams ?
« I would like to create a culture of workshop, dedicated to art, where I can teach and help out young artists, a kind of galery workshop where they can also exhibit their work. »

What main themes surrounds you ?
« Various themes, depends on my environment, my feelings, every day is a different adventure. I usually work on the same theme up to I am totally satisfied. »

In what mood ?
« I am always happy when I am painting, even when things go wrong, I forget about all my problems, totally over whelmed by the passion of my work. »

What is your dream as an artist ?
« My dream is that there could be a museum in my name. »

Do you think there is a gardian and an angel that’s protects you when you work ?
« I believe in fairies, gardian angels and dwarfs, but there are present to protect us and help us out. When an artist is creating, no one else can interfere alone in his own world. »

Do you believe that inspiration comes from above ?
« It’s the artist’s imagination and nothing else. »

What’s your point of view, about humility in art ?
« I would rather say modesty. »

Do you want to pass a message, for the future world ?
« Let’s be more open to art in general, as music, painting, theater and others, it would shut off violence. »

How long does it take youto achieve a piece of art ?
« About a week. »

Travels ?
« I travelled a lot in my childhood, and even more showing my work around the world.
I was lucky to met an extraordinary art collector in Venice, that was personal friend of Peggy Guggenheim, Picasso, Fontana, Hundertwasser, etc… he was then 98. »

As the female artist ?
« So proud to be. »

What would you like people to think about your work, whithin a century ?
« I would like my work to be admired by the descendants of my art collectors as art never dies. »

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