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The artist


Elfye is an artist with multipal talents, beonging one to another, as the inside shapes in to an osmose of an creative emotional surrounding exterior.
The artist guides us like a fairy to her own world, strikes, polkadots, symbols and mystery, all is to be discovered, and described.
All is delicaty, refiness and discovary. Elfye offers us her artistic emotions, we discover also her other magic world, contemporary photography.

« Its a opportunity to be visualised for street art artist, who achieved fantastic work, unfortunatly shown in inaccessible places most of the time. As it’s so important to me to share our technics and our emplacements. »

Elfye by herself

« I used to draw my schoolmates, instead of concentrating on my lessons, my fisrt artworks emerged between 13 and 14 years old.
All my studies pushed me forward to draw more and more, my strong personality was revealed in my artwork.
My surname ELFE, pushed me towards the imaginary world, Elfe, Fairies and many others…
I enjoy a book that inspires me to turn the pages.
Little by little my visual became more personnal and more graphic.
In my mind, my ideas move on to the canvas, internalize on the canvas as much as it externalize in my sawing.
I always been in a black and white strike universe, and polka dots, with a main essential color, as a exemple black and white with a dab of purple, depending on my color for moods. »

Imagine that you met yourself, what would you think ?
« I imagine that I meet myself in the street, that she looks like me and that her style is very elaborated. »

Tell me a story…
« Once when I was in my gallery, someone suggested that I should create a path like in a sweedish shop ! So I set up a project path ending with a keel game to make a happening. »

On which size canvas or others do you work on ?
« I use different sizes and work on any kinds, it can be anything, doors, walls, funiture, shoes, canvas, any support can do it. »

Do you work only while you are inspired ?
« I don’t work through inspiration, but to exteriorisation, a sudden will to act. »

Are you your own viewer, in your art creation ?
« Why sould I ask the others, concerning that the others ideas are not part of my concept ? »

Intuitive picture, strong emotion ?
« A total implication. »

Pictural strength, inspiration ?
« Mental extrapolation exercise. »

As in a novel are you narrating a story, part of your life to your art ?
« More than a novel, i talk about my life, up to others to imagine… »

What are your futur dreams ?
« My dream would be to create my own Elfye palace in Las Vegas, all strikes and polka dotted, in black and white. »

What are the main themes that’s surround you ?
« The major themes that ‘s surround me are my all life experiences. »

What sense of mind ?
« Always in a positive attitude, but strangely in the moments I am not feeling so well, what a strange paradoxe. »

Do you believe that the inspiration comes from above, as if they were telling you to transmit a message ?
« My creation is only issued by emotion and experience. I concentrate to ten minutes on a year depending on the work to be done.
Every places i go, and every places i have been to are part of my source of inspiration. »

What do people say about you, as a woman artist in your intimate world ?
« People say about my universe that it is extremaly graphic and that matches me.
When people get to know me, people recognise immediatly my work and know that I am the artist, and on the other hand, when they see me they imagine my work. It’s unity so important for myself. »

What would you like people to think about your art, in a century for exemple ?
« In a century, archeologists finding an elvish tomb created by Elfye, and trying to find out how it works. How could her style developped so quickly and spread out so far… ? »

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