Edwige Leprin

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Edwige Leprin



“This painting could be considered as Abstract… it is necessary to qualify, emotion, life, and any sense given to an artwork, as a paint stroke from the knife…
This emotionnal expression belongs to humans, it’s not really an abstract gesture.
In my painting, truth is revealed through the emotional feelings the viewer will experience by his personnal concept”

Biography, a simple story

Birth…. childhood… and then…

Suddenly, in 1966, life is shaking ! Edwige is raised by her grandparents, among an easy and country way of life. Part of her childhood is spent in the country side of the Seine water sources valley.
Discovery of the forest and pine trees, snowy landscapes, wine hillsides raising up to the sky. Runnig all over the river sides, little fishing mornings by the lake and its water dam, with the protector and initiator uncle company.
The country life brings its procession of seasons colorful pictures and endless skylines, and so Edwige artwork has been inspired by the capture of the infinite colorfull variations of these natural landscapes scenaries .

Further adolescence time : moving to the capital to get independance and autonomy.
Within this cosmopolitan city atmosphere, various activities and works followed, influenced by an asian and japonese environment.
For ten years, many trips around Europe and different stays in Maghreb fulfilled her eyes by capturing the magic colors of the Mediterranean skylights and its warm shades of earth and stone. But there is no question yet about turning it into a piece of art…

In 1990, big love with the birth of the first and second babies’ arrival.

1997, another painful time in life, the lost of a dearest… To find salvation and confort, neither drugs or alcohol, just Painting, Edwige revealed herself as a painter !
First gouache paintings; drawings booknotes filled with her drawings. First try by practicing copying paintings of great masters; Léonard de Vinci, Degas, Corot, Delacroix, Renoir, el Greco, Caillebotte, Modigliani, Duret, Van Dyck, Van Gogh…

Over forty, faith makes it happen, an acquaintance came to meet Edwige ; and with the discovery of Edwige father’s existence …further more by discovering he was a painter in Montmartre ! An artist like her…
So painting becomes essentiel in her life, the evidence, a guideline, the meaning that gave sense… And so, begins the artistic career made with all the differents technical artistic expressions : collage, mixed media, oil … inspired by the universe of Montmartre ! Then, she discovers Nicolas de Staël, the decisive encounter…

Her passion for Nicolas de Staël, leads her art to an asbtract language, with various shades of warm colors, as a very sensitive and emotional feeling that empowers her inspiration. Her artwork is created both with dream and reality, made through life experience. Always invaded with endless creative energy, she hardly can stop painting and left as aside her painting knives tools. She works some time to times with oil, but most of the time with acrylics, to be able to decide anytime that is needed, to obtain the perfect transparency she is willing to create https://www.cashhomebuyersnc.com

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