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The artist
Aurelia Rostand


On which size of painting do you work on ?
« Most of the time I use squares or multiplied squares. I most appreciate series diptych and triptych. »

Do you work only when you are inspired ?
« Mostly I work through my inspiration.
I usually start from a main idea. I start to draw when I already illustrated my goal.
My work is always constructed toward a subject, and this subject usually is in a relationship with travelling. »

Intuitive picture, strong emotion ?
« I am always faithfull to an narrative illustration of my work
I am always in the same optic.»

We are in a novel, tell us a story ?
« I always talk about a story, as I always write on my canvas, the names of the people in the picture as well as the places where it tooks place.
Writting is most important part of the achievement of my art. It’s always remains graphical.
I am always discovering new things as well as the sociological environment. »

Tell us about important moments of your life concerning your art ?
« I started to paint and draw at the age of 7. I asked my mom to inscribe me in a art studio near my house. I went with always the same inthusiasm during 10 years. Handicaped I had to wear a horrible corset during all those years . As a solitary child, drawing and painting was my source of oxygen.
In the studio I discovered american artist such as Hooper, David hockney, Wharol…
Colors and graphics, this type of pictural expression fascinated me. When I was ten or twelve I began to reproduce with shark large paintings of David Hooper.
I knew that I was born to be an artist. After my Bac my parents refused to let me enter the Beaux Arts Academy, I had to go study at the Graphic School Met de Pennighem in Paris. I studied photo, drawing and typography… I hesitated concerning interior decoration that please me also.
I had to put art aside during the first years of my professional work. Then I really felt a strong will to express myself manually. I moved in a studio in my own house and started to propose to clients the paintings I felt closest to. Then i never stop painting during 15 years, including a personnal exhibit once a year.
In 2013 I had a review in my mind, on my work. As if for today, I am back with my paint brushes.  »

What are your future projects, and your dreams ?
« My dreams are coming trough to preparation on my new art serie. An intense source of joy. »

What are the major themes that’s surround you ?
« Travelling is the center of my work, of my theme, I love to work on ligths and colours. »

What is your dream as an artist ?
« Only paint and draw ! »

Do you think there is a gardian and an angel that’s protects you when you work ?
« I don’t know about but sometimes i feel that sometimes strange happens and someone else is painting for me. My hand paints by itself.
It happens that I see myself painting. »

Do you believe that inspiration comes from above… ?
« Inspiration is something precious and very mysterious. I always trie to transmit my emotions and my discoveries. »

What’s your point of view about humility in art ?
« Humility is the most important attitude when you are creating. »

Do you want to pass a message, for the future world ?
« Since a long time I have a great confidence in basic strong values.
I have always had a hard time getting rid of things, I recycle and give away and I repare.
I believe that as of today none can feel unconcerned about the problem in the world concerning the evironment and consomation, and all they goes with it.
They have to feel concern about the problem and everybody is responsible.
Stop running the planet for exemple. »

How long does it takes you to achieve a piece of art ?
« It’s totally variable, time doesn’t always mean quality. »

Your travels, your yougth and your link towards art ?
« I was born in La Rochelle, in a family of doctors. My father used to paint when he had time, since he had a lot of work, he quickly quit painting.
I was handicaped during several years, considering all the time I spent in re-education centers and having to wear the corsets, i had few friends and few hobbies.
My painting and my draws where my refuge. It was an extraordinary adventure to be able to escape through my drawing and to travel through my imagination. Everything was possible ! That’s helps me out a lot.
I was lucky to travel all over the world for several years.
I always had a schedule with me and I would pile up in my studio that I used often for my collage in my canvases. My studio was a real bric à brac, my children loved it.
As for today i don’t travel anymore around the planet, but through my mother’s humanitarian travelling and missions around the world, I nourrish myself through her discoveries. She brings back many pictures and writings I would love to coordinate for future show a similar work with my mother. »

As the female artist ?
« It is really difficult to be a women artist as it takes so much disponibility, and demands and open minding.
I am a women artist bust most of all a Mom artist.
I feel I have never time for anything.
Some times to times I wish I could spent all my time painting. »

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